Bajaj Foundation

Our vision is 'Ek Sansaar, Ek Parivaar' – one world, one family.

United by responsible recycling, environmental stewardship, education, and compassionate healthcare, we're forging a sustainable future. Together, we're not just creating a legacy; we're igniting a movement that resonates for generations.

"At Bajaj Foundation, we're not merely dreaming of a better world; we're building it.

I invite you to recycle responsibly for a clean Earth, preserve our precious environment through green practices, educate the young with us, and heal the ailing.

Your commitment today is more than a promise; it's a tangible action towards our shared, sustainable future. Let's join hands and hearts to make a difference that will echo through generations."

- Pankaj Bajaj, Founder

Join hands with Bajaj Foundation as we pave pathways to progress, one step at a time. Our commitment transcends boundaries, fueling initiatives in education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and e-waste management. Together, We Are the Change.

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Empowering Lives, One Initiative at a Time


Our flagship campaign for E waste: Awareness - Advocacy & Action


We offer vital support and resources to our communities when they need us most

Environmental Restoration

We strive to rejuvenate ecosystems and foster a greener future, through a committed initiative to plant trees, rebuild natural habitats, and promote biodiversity.


We aim to drive industry change, empower communities, and foster sustainability, committed to ongoing impact and lasting change.